$12,061 in prizes

1st Place: Social Inclusion

$2000 to the top Social Inclusion team.

1st Place: Migrants and Refugees

$2000 to the top Migrants and Refugees team.

1st Place: Interfaith Dialogue

$2000 to the top Interfaith Dialogue team.

2nd Place: Social Inclusion

$1000 to the second place Social Inclusion team.

2nd Place: Migrants and Refugees

$1000 to the second place Migrants and Refugees team.

2nd Place: Interfaith Dialogue

$1000 to the second place Interfaith Dialogue team.

VHacks Audience Prize

Let the people speak; everyone at VHacks will get the opportunity to choose their favorite final round team! $1000

MLH Best Domain Name from

Raspberry Pi & PiHut Essential Kit

The Lacroix Prize

€1500 from The La Croix. All teams meeting submission deadlines of first round are eligible.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


The top 120 university students from all around the world were selected to attend.


In order to be eligible for finals, the following criteria must be met when submitting:

  1. Team name on Devpost be in the format SI/ID/MR 1-8: <Team Name>. For example, the 7th Social Inclusion team (as per the welcome packet) named For You must be in the format SI8: For You
  2. All code must be on a public GitHub repo. 
  3. Pitching information/slide decks be submitted via


Father Eric Salobir

Father Eric Salobir
Optic Network, Order of Preachers

 David Rousset

David Rousset
Sr Program Manager @Microsoft

 John Taschek

John Taschek
Senior VP of Market Strategy @Salesforce

 Ondrej Socuvka

Ondrej Socuvka
Senior Policy Manager @Google

 Kristen Berlacher

Kristen Berlacher
Senior Manager of Social Impact at Airbnb